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Meeting Your Western Canada Farm Insurance Needs

What's the forecast for today? You might be able to make an educated guess on the weather outlook but the truth is that you can't predict the looming dangers and setbacks that will show up today in most any other corner of your farming business. That's why you have farm insurance.

Among businesses, farmers and farm owners probably face the widest variety of risks to their livelihood and even their lives, so having the agriculture insurance or livestock insurance that precisely covers your unique mix of activities is crucial.

In Western Canada, farm insurance from A-WIN Insurance Airdrie is the answer. Whether you own or rent a farm, whether you live on the property or not, we've built a team of experts who can help you secure the best possible protection with the best possible service.

Your Unique Farm Insurance Plan

Our Western Canada agriculture insurance and Western Canada livestock insurance programs are tailored to each customer's unique needs. For example:

  • Coverage for your home and farm buildings – and their contents – from fires, wind/hail storms, theft and vandalism.
  • Western Canada crop insurance, including production loss and crop damage through fire or hail.
  • Livestock and equine insurance, including mortality, transportation and loss of use.
  • Coverage for all equipment including tractors and other machinery and technologies like sensors.
  • Personal accidents including cost of medical treatment.
  • Disruption or other loss of use or loss of earnings.
  • Chemical/pollution liability.
  • "Protection gaps" like injury to farm visitors.

Remove the Guesswork

We know there's more, and at A-WIN Airdrie you can be sure that not only will we have you covered with our Western Canada farm insurance plans but that we also get to know your business in depth so we can make timely adjustments to your needs. We're part of the farming communities we serve.

Discover how A-WIN Airdrie's Western Canada farm insurance can protect you.